Cancer Care

Supportive services for patients with cancer

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, intense focus is placed on the person’s physical well-being – tests, treatments and doctor visits. At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we understand that many other parts of your life are also affected by cancer, including self-image, work, family, finances and your approach to living. Finding ways to cope with these concerns can bring an enormous sense of relief for you, your caregivers and loved ones.

To find out how we treat cancer like nowhere else, talk with our cancer experts at the Goshen Center for Cancer Care, (888) 492-4673 (HOPE).

Types of supportive services

Support groups: Through participation in support groups, people affected by cancer learn vital skills that enable them to regain control and restore hope, regardless of the stage of their disease. By attending a support group, you receive reassurance, suggestions and insight, while you share similar concerns in a safe, supportive environment. And most important, you learn that you are not alone – many people have made this journey before you.

Spiritual care: We've dedicated ourselves to a healing approach that not only attacks the disease, but also considers the whole person. Spirituality is one of the most important aspects in patient care. We offer spiritual care to provide support, hope, healing and compassion. Our care team includes a chaplain to coordinate spiritual support for patients, family members and staff.

Financial support: Fear, anxiety and stress are common responses among cancer patients and their families. Add the burden of financial concerns, and anyone could easily feel overwhelmed. Each step of the way, our financial team members work with you to discuss financial options, address any issues and simplify the process. It’s our promise to do everything possible to ensure you get the most complete care available, regardless of your ability to pay.

CARE House: Since outpatient treatment sessions may require overnight stays, we offer comfortable accommodations in a homelike environment for the patient and caregiver at the Marian Hoogenboom CARE House. The CARE House is on the Goshen Health campus and is available at no cost to our patients who live farther than 60 miles away.

Care at Home and Hospice: More and more people with cancer are able to receive some aspects of their care in the privacy of their own home. Our Care at Home services emphasize management of pain and physical discomfort. We individualize each patient’s treatment plan to meet specific, personal needs and goals.

Hospice care treats the person rather than the disease. And our care focuses on quality rather than length of life. Our hospice care is family-centered care, which involves the patient and the family in making decisions. We provide for emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families in the care of the patient.

Survivor Network: Whether it is gathering in large groups or one on one with a buddy, the goal of the Goshen Cancer Survivor Network is to link survivors together for strength, encouragement, support and hope throughout every step of the cancer journey. Because we know how important friends and family are to every stage of recovery, we also encourage them to participate in the network.