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Arrhythmia treatment: Restoring normal heartbeats

When your heart beats irregularly – too slow, fast or erratically – it pumps less effectively. An irregular heartbeat, called an arrhythmia, prevents the heart from working properly and consequently affects the proper functioning of the lungs, brain, kidney and other major organs. It can be mild or life threatening, leading to complications such as chest pain, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, embolism, acute limb ischemia or cardiac arrest.

Find successful arrhythmia treatment at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center. Our team of board certified experts diagnose, treat and manage all types of arrhythmias in Goshen, IN, for people throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

We strive to improve the health of our local community by addressing the arrhythmia risk factors and preventing heart and vascular conditions before they start. Talk to your primary care provider about a heart screening or call (574) 537-5000 for a referral.

Get to the cause of your arrhythmia

Arrhythmias are caused by problems with your heart’s electrical conduction system. Risk factors for developing an arrhythmia include:

  • Medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances and alcoholism
  • History of heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack or hyperthyroidism
  • Smoking
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stimulant drug use, including too much caffeine, herbal drugs, diet medicines and cocaine and other street drugs

Treating erratic, slow and fast heartbeats

The goal of treatment at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center is to relieve symptoms; restore your heart’s normal rate and rhythm; and prevent complications like stroke. We may recommend medication, cardioversion, ablation procedures or electrophysiology studies to restore a normal rate and rhythm.

You may need a pacemaker or defibrillator to regulate your heartbeat. Our heart and vascular center features a Cardiac Device Clinic to provide you with complete arrhythmia care in one convenient location. Our state-of-the-art electrophysiology (EP) lab offers complex pacemaker and defibrillator implantation as well as EP studies and ablation procedures to restore rhythm.

At our clinic, we use leading-edge diagnostics tools to test your device and ensure that it works as it should, as well as teach you how to spot any potential problems. We can also service several types of devices through our state-of-the-art remote monitoring system. We can check on your heart from your home. In addition, our EP lab is equipped with the latest technologies to bring innovative heart and vascular care to our community.

Our team is committed to finding the solution to your arrhythmia. Talk to your primary care provider or call (574) 537-5000 for a referral.

Goshen Heart & Vascular Center provides advanced arrhythmia treatment in Goshen, IN.