Bariatrics & Managed Weight Reduction

Find out how your weight loss experience can be different this time. Whether it is a surgical procedure or medically managed weight loss program, everything is in one place and guided by caring experts. The Center for Weight Reduction offers an onsite fitness center with personal trainers and classes just for you. Nutritionists are available with great meal planning advice, and our support groups cheer you on and celebrate your success! 

Virtual visits for weight loss

We now offer virtual visits. You can get the help you need to manage your weight from home, work or wherever is convenient for you! For more information, call (574) 537-8326, complete our contact form or download our resource packet.

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Support every step of the way.

Our holistic approach to weight loss means we can care for every part of you, not just your waistline. We work with you personally to find the plan that’s right for you. Every step of the way, your weight loss team is ready to support and encourage you to reach your goals.


We know it's important for you to understand the causes and the consequences of obesity. That's why we’re not about quick fixes at Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction.


We take time to talk about the whole you, including your emotional, mental and physical condition. Then we guide you through each treatment option to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Our team

Lose a little. Gain a lot.

You can lose weight, and we can help! Our caring and compassionate weight loss experts support you every step of the way. Everyone is deeply committed to the art of caring for you.

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Losing weight is a lifestyle change, transforming what you eat, how you exercise and even how you think. That’s why we provide plenty of tools to help you understand how to take care of yourself and manage your weight for years to come.

Goshen Health News & Articles

  • Focus on food – good food – for the month of March


    March is National Nutrition Month, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This month you are invited to learn how to make informed food choices and develop healthful eating and physical activity habits. This year’s theme is, “Personalize Your Plate: because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. We are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds and tastes!” Here are some suggestions from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ( to help you develop healthier eating habits this month:

  • Milestone birthday inspires weight loss


    Jim Caskey’s weight had been bothering him for years. Every year, he seemed to gain an additional pound he couldn’t lose. For each of his children’s weddings, he thought he’d try to lose 10 pounds, but then he didn’t.
  • Reboot your exercise routine


    It's normal to get out of sync with your exercise routine, particularly when you weren't expecting a pandemic. Take a deep breath and know you can get back on track.

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We can help

Life is too precious to suffer another day from obesity. It takes one step at a time. No matter where you are on your life-changing journey, we’re here to support you. With Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction on your side, you can look forward to a healthier you. Call us for more information.

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