Heart & Vascular Care

We work as a team to provide award-winning heart attack care, while emphasizing prevention and healing. Our facilities are top-of-the-line, supporting our expert cardiologists, radiologists and surgeons in their minimally invasive procedures to restore blood flow throughout the body and helping restore circulation to at-risk limbs.

Meet our team, view videos of them explaining topics related to heart health or get help quitting smoking.

Virtual visits available! To reduce your exposure to germs and viruses, we offer virtual visits. To change your appointment to a virtual visit, call us at (574) 533-7476. Most insurance plans will cover the cost.

Complete care for your heart

Because primary care providers are often the first to recognize the signs of heart and vascular disease, we require a referral. However, for patients with urgent, emergent and life-threatening heart and vascular conditions, please call 911.


At Goshen, we work together to provide the latest, minimally invasive procedures; the appropriate diagnostic screenings for at-risk patients; and a cardiac rehabilitation program (including Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™) to restore the highest quality of life.


Our dedicated cardiologists work with electrophysiologists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, pulmonologists and surgeons to meet the needs of heart and vascular patients. Our multidisciplinary approach translates into regular daily and weekly group consultations, as well as an open office work environment.

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Goshen Health News & Articles

  • Keeping blood flow requires regular check-ups, physical therapy and quitting smoking


    Tim Emely, Ligonier, had a heart attack on Jan. 2, 2003. Then in 2011, he had terrible pain in his legs.

  • How texting her husband saved a woman’s life


    Diane Slis, 62, saw herself as healthy: she didn’t smoke, she exercised regularly and she ate a nutritious diet. After all, she’d seen her father – who smoked and was overweight – die of a heart attack when he was in his early fifties and lost her brother to a heart attack at age 60. Yet in January 2021, Diane was home alone shoveling her driveway after a snowfall when she felt pain in her chest that was so severe, she stopped and went inside to text her husband, Bryan. Can you call me back? It’s kind of urgent.

  • Tips for adjusting to daylight saving time


    According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, time changes are disruptive. In the week after a time change, there are increases in traffic accidents, workplace errors and hospital admissions.

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We can help

Talk to your primary care provider if you have concerns about your heart. If you do need to see a cardiologist, we will work with your provider to coordinate your screenings and care. If you do not have a primary care provider, call (877) 566-4660 for help finding one.

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