Maintain, don’t gain weight during the holidays


Managing weight during the holidays can be a challenge for many of us. On average, Americans gain 2 to 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.
That's why it's important to get a plan in place so you can keep healthy habits in check, avoid extra pounds and enjoy the holidays.
Here are tips to get you started on your own Maintain – Don't Gain Weight Challenge.
Cut down on unnecessary snacking. Remember to stay in touch with feelings of hunger and satisfaction. If you're not hungry, politely say no to offers of food or keep the snacks out of sight.
Get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep can raise hormone levels and increase hunger, which can lead to eating more. You also may have less motivation to exercise when you are tired.
Keep stress levels low. Try meditating or set aside time for yourself. Relaxation methods or deep breathing also can help reduce stress.
Add activity to your daily routine. Take a walk with family or friends. Avoid inactivity or sitting for long lengths of time. At home, you can do chores, follow a workout video or even try leg lifts while watching TV.
Watch liquid calories. Many beverages are high in calories and contain lots of sugar. Alcohol drinks also add up the calories and can increase your appetite.
Control taste testing. Survey your choices before filling your plate. Try to savor smaller portions and go back for seconds if you don't feel full.
Modify recipes with healthier alternatives. Switch ingredients to reduce calories and keep the flavor.

  • Replace butter with a soft banana or applesauce
  • Substitute dried fruit or nuts for chocolate chips or candies
  • Use spices and herbs for flavor rather than salt or butter
  • Try low-fat or skim milk instead of whole milk
  • Add Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, sour cream or mayonnaise

Team up with friends or family for activities. Stay motivated with encouragement from others. Find someone with a similar plan and help each other achieve your goals.
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