Know your options for medical care in the home


When you're trying to recover at home from an illness or injury, a little extra medical care can make a big difference in your recovery. You can get the medically necessary care you need without leaving the comforts of your home with home healthcare services.
Here are 3 things to know about your options for home medical care.
1. Home health care and in-home custodial care are not the same. The two services sound similar and both take place in your home. However, only licensed healthcare providers can provide medically necessary services to your residence.
Home health care agencies like Goshen Home Care & Hospice offer a range of services, such as post-operative care, physical therapy and treatment of chronic health conditions. These agencies also offer education services to help you understand how to manage a condition like diabetes, heart disease or advanced cancer.
Nonmedical care – or custodial care – gives you options for support services to manage daily activities, like bathing and dressing. Custodial care providers do not need to be medical or nursing professionals.
2. You need a doctor's order for medically necessary care where you live. With many illnesses and injuries, you can recover at home, rather than in a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Your doctor determines what medical care you need to manage your condition and remain safe in your home.
For example, you may need a skilled nurse to clean and check on a wound after a fall. Or you may need a catheter or IV placed by a medical professional for delivery of medications. An injury or stroke may mean you need speech or occupational therapy to regain control of your body.
Home health care providers follow the plan prescribed by your doctor. A skilled nurse may draw blood for specific lab tests ordered by your doctor. Or a physical therapist may come into the home to help you regain mobility and function after a knee or hip replacement.
3. Insurance may cover costs for home medical care. Medicare and most private insurance companies pay for home medical care that is ordered by a doctor and provided by a Medicare-approved home health agency.
You also must meet requirements for "homebound" patients to qualify for home health nursing and therapy services. Homebound means you have difficulty leaving your home due to an injury or illness.
Custodial care is not covered by Medicare or other insurance providers.
For more information about home healthcare services, contact a home care specialist at Goshen Home Care & Hospice, (574) 364-2700.
Goshen Home Care & Hospice is a Medicare-approved home health agency. It offers medical care and therapy designed to meet your specific needs in the comfort of your own home.