Indoor exercise options to beat the winter blahs


Winter weather got you feeling blah? It can be hard to motivate yourself to bundle up and head outside for some exercise.

Stay active during colder months with indoor physical activities. Your local gym gives you a chance to get out of the house and have some social interaction. A home-based routine offers more flexibility for when you exercise. Another bonus – you can even exercise in your PJs!

Here are indoor exercise options to beat the winter blahs.

  • Join an exercise class at your local gym
  • Invest in a home exercise machine (elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike)
  • Use a pedal machine under your work desk or by the couch while you watch TV
  • Climb a flight of stairs
  • Do an aerobics program*
  • Try resistance bands*
  • Lift light weights*
  • Crunch on an exercise ball*
  • Give yoga a try*
  • Stretch in a Pilates routine*
  • Burn through weighted ball or kettlebell exercises*
  • Hold a plank or do other bodyweight exercises*
  • Make moves with Tai Chi or Qi Gong*
  • Work out with a Rebounder mini-trampoline
  • Rock around with a hula hoop
  • Walk at the mall or community center
  • Clean house
  • Build strength with ab roller exercises
  • March with high knees
  • Dance to your favorite tunes
  • Dive into pool exercises, swimming class or water aerobics

* Search for videos available on YouTube to learn a new form of exercise. Or check out streaming channels or home exercise DVDs from your library to get all the right moves.

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