Diabetes doesn't have to rule your life


Living with diabetes can be a challenge every day. Add on limitations from the pandemic, and eating well, staying active, taking medications, testing glucose get even more complicated.

That's why it's as important as ever to learn ways to manage diabetes and take the best care of yourself. Diabetes education helps you understand how your condition affects your body and gives you tools, tips and ideas so you can live life your way.

Diabetes educators adapt training and education to fit your needs, whether you are newly diagnosed, need a refresher or have had a change in your condition.

Goshen Health continues to offer diabetes education services that follow safety guidelines during the pandemic. Diabetes educators are available for in-person, virtual or phone sessions to help patients safely access the care they need.

7 self-care tips to manage your diabetes

Here are important steps you can take to manage your diabetes and gain control over your life.

  1. Eat healthy – Understand how foods you eat affect your blood glucose and overall health.
  2. Be active – Help improve your mood, blood sugar levels and overall health with physical activity. Talk with your healthcare provider about activities that are safe for you.
  3. Check glucose levels – Use information about your blood glucose levels to take care of yourself day to day.
  4. Take medication – Reach your health targets and reduce your risk of complications by taking medications as directed by your healthcare provider.
  5. Reduce risk – Take preventive steps, including routine exams and screenings, to reduce your risk of diabetes-related complications.
  6. Problem solve – Practice problem-solving to deal with unexpected challenges of diabetes.
  7. Learn to cope – Find ways to keep mixed emotions about diabetes management from affecting your self-care.

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You're not in this alone

More than 34 million people in the U.S. live with diabetes. In Elkhart County, diabetes affects 10% of adults. The good news is that it's one condition you can control with your own actions.

The Diabetes Education program at Goshen Health is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Medicare and most health insurance plans consider diabetes self-management training a covered benefit.

Get a referral and get started

You need a physician referral for diabetes education. Ask your primary care provider to refer you to the Goshen Health Diabetes Education program.

Our diabetes educators can help you get the necessary referral from your healthcare provider. To talk with a Goshen Health diabetes educator, call (574) 364-1940.